Find it...

In my last post I asked, "But, what gets you and I to the point that we stop our whimpering and/or our buncombe and do what needs to be done?" What is it?

The "WHY" is our weapon against everything, and everyone, especially ourselves, that tells we can't or that why try or what ever else gets in our way. The "WHY" does not have to be the voice of God or what we think of as earth shattering. BUT, it is unique to each of us. Ask your self, Why do I need to exercise? "I want to be healthier", Why do I want to be healthier? I want to feel better. WHY do I want to feel better? I want to be more active? WHY do I want to be more active? SO, I can play with my kids more. "Why.... "Keep asking it until there are no more answers. Jim Rohn stated, "If you take care of the 'why', the 'how' will take care of itself!"

But, that is not enough, then we write it down and keep it in front of us all the time. So that we can use it when we are tempted not to eat right or not to exercise. When I began my weight loss journey I wrote my "WHY" in red dry erase marker on my bathroom mirror so that I was forced to see it at least twice a day. I also wrote it on  index cards and attached them to my computer monitor and the visor in my truck. I was confronted with my "Why" every time I turned around.

I still get tripped up in my thinking many times, but I have my "Why" in front of me to help me get back on track.


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