"Do It"

Art Williams gave a speech to the religious broadcasters convention in 1987 about his philosophy of winning in business titles "Do It". In it he basically says it you want to succeed you have to stop talking about wanting to succeed and do what it takes to succeed. If you have not heard it you should take the time to listen: http://youtu.be/MU5x96zV_iU

I am convinced that the same is true in any area of life... Read more


My Motivation for Change

Motivation... I am the volunteer leader of the youth in our congregation. In June of 2010 we were hosting a multi-congregational youth event. As we began to settle into the program for the night I sat down to here the message and pray that God would speak to the teens gathered. As I lifted my eyes from the prayer I began to look at of of the "leaders" from each of the congregations, what I saw floored me. All of the leaders but one was at an unhealthy weight. It was then That I believe God spoke to me, about me, "Randy, you are a poor example to your children, your spouse, your congregation, and these teens you are "leading". Where are you leading them? What example are you giving them?" Then, Silence! 

After six months of trying this and that to lose weight I was in a class called "Self Leadership" (part of the masters program I will finish up this May). Two of the books helped me realize that I was attacking the problem half heartedly with no plan ( Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership: The Paradox of Personal Dysfunction by Gary McIntosh & Samuel D. Rima and Leading from the Inside Out: The Art of Self-Leadership by Samuel D. Rima.) I developed a plan that included P90X and a fat metabolizing diet similar to the fat-shredder phase in the nutrition guide, but used by some local body builders, the rest is implementation and accountability.

Prior to moving to GA, I ran a small ministry for teens in NC in which God regularly convicted me that, "You cannot teach what you do not know, and you cannot lead where you will not go." That continues to this day. I have to be the example. In the west we like to compartmentalize our lives: physical, spiritual, emotional, work, home, "church"... however it is that we choose to split it up. But, life does not happen in boxes, each area overlaps and affects the others. Getting my physical life in order is changing my mental, spiritual, family life, etc. It is a work in progress that I hope others will see and choose to make changes in their lives.


Imitate Me

“Brothers and Sisters, join in imitating me, and keep your eyes on those who walk according to the example you have in us.” (Philippians 3:17)

Paul is of course referencing his life. Some will argue that he is speaking strictly of his spiritual life. I am not convinced that is an acceptable argument. The body, mind and spirit are all connected, each affecting the health of the other two. 

In I Cor. Paul speaks of doing all he does for the glory of the Father and to build the kingdom. He sets the example: “So I do not run uncertainly or box like one who hits only air. Instead I subdue my body and make it my slave, so that after preaching to others I myself will not be disqualified.”
(1 Corinthians 9:26–27 NET)

I was disqualifying myself by not caring for my physical body while trying grow spiritually and mentally. I am learning that I need to have a balance of spiritual, mental and physical health. 

So, will you imitate me?


Posting Pictures

I find it odd sometimes that I am posting pictures of myself. But then, I get responses from people that don't want to post on the boards or facebook for everyone to read and those keep me doing it.
Most of the responses are positive private messages from people that have as mush to lose as I did (195 pounds) or more. They need to seed that normal people can succeed. Many times I sit at my keyboard and cry because of their hopelessness. I was there just 19 months ago. There are some people that send messages that are mean or unbelieving. If posting pictures inspires one person to keep pushing through the pain it is worth and humiliation that comes from the pictures of the "fat Randy".  It is worth the negative comments from the cynics and nay sayers. They are not worth my time or energy anyway.
You can find me in WOWY everyday between 5am and 7am.


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