Posting Pictures

I find it odd sometimes that I am posting pictures of myself. But then, I get responses from people that don't want to post on the boards or facebook for everyone to read and those keep me doing it.
Most of the responses are positive private messages from people that have as mush to lose as I did (195 pounds) or more. They need to seed that normal people can succeed. Many times I sit at my keyboard and cry because of their hopelessness. I was there just 19 months ago. There are some people that send messages that are mean or unbelieving. If posting pictures inspires one person to keep pushing through the pain it is worth and humiliation that comes from the pictures of the "fat Randy".  It is worth the negative comments from the cynics and nay sayers. They are not worth my time or energy anyway.
You can find me in WOWY everyday between 5am and 7am.

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