"Do It"

Art Williams gave a speech to the religious broadcasters convention in 1987 about his philosophy of winning in business titles "Do It". In it he basically says it you want to succeed you have to stop talking about wanting to succeed and do what it takes to succeed. If you have not heard it you should take the time to listen: http://youtu.be/MU5x96zV_iU

I am convinced that the same is true in any area of life. The other day I woke up at five to get my shoulder  training done, I love working my shoulders. The problem was I just did not feel like it. I had had a stressful week and was feeling like a bit of a failure in some areas of my life. That mood was negatively affecting my training. I did not want to start and took my time making it down to the basement, because I thought I am awake I need to "Do It".  I started slow and lowered my weights all because of this funky mood.

Thankfully at some point in the first quarter of the session the thought again hit me, "stop all your whimpering and do it!" That is also the point at which I remembered Art's speech. There are many areas of my life that I just need to "Do It". But, what gets you and I to the point that we stop our whimpering and/or buncombe and do what needs to be done?

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