Update... Things that are Said...

Well... I am not even sure where to begin this. The lady that I talked about before, as well as several other people are now telling me that it is time to stop. Stop what? I am in the best shape I have since I was a teen, and probably better than that... "You are to Skinny." "You are going to blow away." "You don't look healthy." BLAH BLAH BLAH!

How do you keep a crab in your bucket? A friend told me that if you have only one crab in a bucket it can easily escape, BUT, if you add a second crab they will not escape. Why? The story goes... Everytime one of the crabs is about to get out of the bucket the other will pull it back down.

I am not willing to be pulled back down into the bucket. I don't understand this particular lady, she is a very petite woman, probably at the bottom of her healthy weight range. The heavier men, I get where they are coming from... I still have a bit of a roll around my belly button and I want it gone (I am about 15% body fat). Then, I plan on focusing on adding lean muscle mass.  Between the additional loss of BF and the gaining of muscle mass I will hit 7% Body Fat this year.

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