A New Wardrobe

I weighed in today and dropped another 2.4 pounds for this week. One of the ladies that I see regularly when I weigh in said hey I bet you can fit into these now. She had a bag of large pullover shirts that she handed me. I accepted them thankfully, but I was skeptical that they would fit me now, maybe in a month or two. I took them home and tried them on... several fit well, and the rest will fit well very soon! Remember I was wearing a 4x in January! I was amazed! When I look in the mirror I still see the fat guy wearing a tent for a shirt. I would never have thought to try on a large shirt had she not given it to me. I wonder when I will see the skinny me in the mirror? 

Quote for the week:

"All evil is easy. Dying, cheating, losing, and mediocrity are all EASY! Stay away from easy!" Scott Alexander- Advanced Rhinocerology

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