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In grade school and middle school I was the pudgy boy. I grew out of it in high school and was in great shape. Through college I spent most of my free time and work-time in the backcountry canoeing and backpacking. I got married and put on a little weight but was still out a lot.

Then I became one of the camp administrators, less time out & more time in the office. The pounds began to add up but stabled out at around 285. In 2008, I became the caretaker for my mother-in-law because I was the only one that could pick her up and move her safely.

Well, I became even more sedentary... and the pounds went up! To a high of 362 lbs.

I finished P90X Round round 3 on Nov.5th. and began Round 1 of P90X2 on Dec. 12, 2011. As of April, 2012 My weight is at 167 lbs. I plan to add a little lean muscle in the near future.

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In August 2012 after loosing 195 pounds Randy won the Beachbody Challenge August Edition!
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